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APEX - Grab value from Shuttle and put it into Textarea with carriage return

In some design, you may require to grab the value from Shuttle and put those value into a new Textarea or even in email HTML template. How am I going to do that?

What you need is a new Textarea so that the values you about to grab will be put inside. Lets put the Shuttle as P1001_X and assume the new Textarea as P1001_TXTAREA.

One solution can be used is a Computations (After Submit). You need to right click the Computations > Create > Item on This Page. Fill in those required value in that form and select [Item Value] in the Computation Type. In Computations field, put below code:
:P1001_TXTAREA := REPLACE( :P1001_X , ':', (chr(13)||chr(10)) ); What above code will do is it will grab each value from Shuttle, together with new line feed and carriage return.

chr(13) : Carriage Return
chr(10) : New Line Fees